About us

Fundamental beliefs

People are the greatest competitive advantage organizations possess.

Leadership has the single largest impact on the performance and success of people.

What drives us

Make a difference to our business partners, our people and our community

Create and sustain long-term partnerships

Work with people and organizations we trust and respect

Core values






What we do

We believe people are the greatest advantage organizations possess and that leadership has the single largest impact on the performance of people. This is the belief that drives all of the people working for Grojean Kirst Associates, and the principle on which we founded our company. In providing consulting services around leadership & strategy, executive search and the recruitment and retention of veteran talent, we strive to fulfill that belief with every client.

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Our practice areas

Leadership & Strategy

Executive Search

Our focus industries

Energy & Manufacturing

Oilfield Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Chemicals, Pipeline, Utilities


Physical, Cyber, Information, Executive


Patient care, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices Manufacturing


Transportation, Modern Materials Handling, Maintenance, Warehouse Operations

Why we do it


We believe in making a difference.  Time is one of the most precious resources we have. We choose to spend our time adding value to our clients beyond financial, creating a work space that nurtures ourselves and our colleagues, and by contributing our attention and resources to causes that are important to us.


We believe in the value of people. When treated with dignity and respect and given proper resources, people are the greatest competitive advantage of an organization.


We believe to lead is to serve. A position of leadership is not one of privilege but of responsibility. None of us would be where we are today without others who believed in and invested in us. This investment drives our sense of responsibility to serve those we do business with, those within our team, and the communities in which we live.

How we do it


Our business model is built on long-term, sustained partnerships with our clients. In the long run, relationship-based transactions lead to greater success than transaction-based relationships.

Principal led

All of our work is principal led. Our principals become an extension of your team and remain involved throughout the duration of the relationship. As an extension of your team, we expect to be held to the same standards of performance as the rest of your organization. Our investment in creating a deep understanding of your business results in both cost and time savings across engagements.

Shared Values

To provide that level of engagement we choose to maintain a small, exclusive client portfolio. We work with companies and organizations that share our values and ideals of personal and professional ethics, as well as share our understanding of the value of sustained partnerships.

Who we are

Our leadership team