About us

Fundamental beliefs

People are the greatest competitive advantage organizations possess.

Leadership has the single largest impact on the performance and success of people.

What drives us

Make a difference to our business partners, our people and our community

Create and sustain long-term partnerships

Work with people and organizations we trust and respect

Core values







These are traits traditionally associated with the Celtic Dara, an interlinking knot symbolizing the roots and structure of an oak tree. At Grojean Kirst Associates, we use this symbol as part of our logo because we believe those traits not only underlie all our work, but also reflect the character of our principals, associates and staff.

Our Principals

Leadership & Strategy

Executive Search

Our associates

We have more than 40 project-based, subject-matter experts around the globe. Their backgrounds range from small firms, former military and intelligence, academia, mid- and large-size international industrial firms and large government organizations. In addition to their expertise and experience each of our associates share our commitment to the values that are at the foundation of our company. We create a unique team for each project depending on need.

Additionally, our associates are skilled in project management, client engagement, and delivery of quality work. All meet our high level of expectations and requirements for excellence. They also have their own networks of experts who bring additional talent and skills to the table, as needed, and who are vetted by Grojean & Associates.