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In recent years, a lack of human capital to fill skilled labor positions is the number one business challenge companies face.  Traditional means of recruiting and hiring fail 1/5th of the time, and new employee turnover is at 23% as opposed to 16% for those employed with their companies over 1 year.  In order to change the pattern, alternative talents pools must be uncovered.

Roughly 200,000 military personnel exit the US Armed Forces every year.  This eager and loyal workforce is looking for the right company to work with and for over the long-term, and hoping to build a second career where they can serve America in a while new way.

The benefits of hiring a veteran go far beyond helping someone that served our country.  Quantifiable advantages are:

  • revenue improvement when one in four new hires is a veteran;
  • an increase in employee performance as compared to non-veterans;
  • lower rate of turnover;
  • potential for tax credits and additional training funded by the government;
  • possible funding of relocation to your position city/state;
  • increased experience with the practice of safety methods.

We pride ourselves on developing a process that has allowed our clients to  engage military personnel prior to their exiting the armed forces in order to know what drives them in choosing their first civilian job.  By educating our clients on the complex structure and occupational specialities of our military branches as well as how to engage with transition bases in order to find the appropriate experience, we have enabled them to hire and retain an employee that is an excellent fit.  We teach you to use the following process to achieve your recruiting and retention goals.





Our main goal is simple – to help you acquire and keep much needed skilled labor employees.  When we help you devise and implement a plan to both find the right veteran for your organization and keep them for the coming years, we know our clients will be successful in increasing their value in their market.


Ensure that the veteran’s workplace preferences are aligned with the company’s culture.  Actively manage those expectations.


Establish a veteran onboarding program to acculturate and transition the veteran into the company, with milestones and follow-up.


Veterans come from a culture that is heavily aligned around mentorship.  Get new hires quickly connected to the right mentors in the company.


Internal veteran networks provide a sense of community and an avenue for engagement with people with similar service experiences.


Prepare first line leadership for the expectations veterans may have.  Build a developmental leadership style, likely to have the highest resonance with veterans.